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Frequently asked questions about interventions

what is involved in an intervention?

Intervention is a process that starts when family, friends, or fellow employees, with the help of an experienced interventionist, organize a meeting with the goal of persuading their loved one, friend or co-worker to accept immediate, professional help to enter a treatment program. During preparation and planning, letters conveying love, care, and concern for the addicted individual are written, under the supervision of the interventionist. New responses and consequences to addictive and compulsive behaviors are discussed, and family members establish healthy patterns that no longer support the disease of addiction. The intervention is rehearsed thoroughly and all possible outcomes are discussed.

intervention services of arizona

The actual intervention is then staged. The addicted loved one arrives at a predetermined location. Family and friends share their personal letters, expressing care and concern for the addict, as well as how the substance abuse is affecting their lives. The individual is repeatedly given the choice to accept the love and help being provided or face the consequences of family members who will no longer support, enable, or allow the destructive and harmful consequences to impact their lives.

what special training does an interventionist have?

Specialized training is required to guide a family and/or co-workers through the intervention process successfully. ISA - Intervention and Recovery Specialists have assembled an experienced and caring team that possesses advanced degrees, certification and training in the areas of counseling, substance abuse, eating disorders, and other compulsive behaviors. All members of the team continue to work on their personal recovery, which uniquely qualifies them to provide valuable and first hand experience in helping your loved one seek treatment.

why would it take an intervention to reach my addicted loved one?

intervention services of arizona

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Many people who abuse drugs and alcohol have lost the ability to determine if their behavior is normal and acceptable, which causes them to minimize or deny their addiction completely. Individuals suffering from eating disorders, sexual addiction, compulsive gambling disorders and other dangerous behaviors follow the same pattern of deceit and denial. A successful intervention occurs when everyone that is important to the suffering individual is united in the common goal of breaking through the system of denial. An intervention gives the individual an opportunity to hear just how much they mean to those around them, and how their addiction or behavior is affecting family and friends. The group setting can be extremely effective in persuading someone to enter a recovery program.

but doesn't an addict have to hit bottom in order to bre willing to receive help?

NO! It is time to put an end to this unfortunate misconception that keeps families from taking healthy steps to bring an end to the behavior that is destroying your family day by day.

Addicts are extremely skilled at manipulating family and friends, blaming others, and refocusing conversations away from their addiction or compulsive behavior. The presence of an experienced, professional interventionist is invaluable in the process helping your loved one choose the path of recovery. In addition to being well trained in addiction and treatment, the staff at  ISA - Intervention and Recovery Specialists is skilled at managing all of the denial, excuses, lies, and the rationalizations, and cannot be manipulated by the addict. The interventionist is an objective third party, who will apply his/her expertise to ensure the best possible chance for your loved one to enter a treatment facility.

Many families go to a great deal of time and effort trying to organize an intervention on their own. Frequently, it is so difficult that the intervention never takes place at all. We believe that an interventionist, with specialized training, is absolutely necessary in guiding a family and co-workers through the intervention process successfully.

are there any other benefits to a group intervention?

Addiction breeds chaos. Families become divided. Not only will your loved one hear just how much he or she is valued and loved by all of the members attending an intervention, but the intervention process brings divided families together to build a unified team. Conflict within your family will be replaced by harmony as members join together in the goal of supporting recovery for someone you all care for.

intervention services of arizona

what is your success rate with interventions?

We strongly believe that individuals can and will choose treatment when interventions are conducted with compassion and respect for the addict. Statistics confirm this: 85% of those individuals who participate in an intervention will agree to get help.

what if my son, daughter, brother, mother, father or sibling refuse to go into treatment at the time of the intervention?

Families can trust that we have your loved one’s best interest at heart. All our efforts are geared toward helping your loved one choose treatment and end self-destructive behaviors. However, while we believe intervention is extremely effective in guiding an addicted person into an appropriate treatment program, we cannot guarantee your loved one will choose treatment.

An intervention is always successful if the addict goes into treatment and/or the family continues to get help for themselves. Even if help isn’t accepted at that moment, the intervention will still have immense impact on the addict and your family, and increases the chances that they will change their mind and accept help at a later time

intervention services of arizone - does that mean you only provide services in arizona?

Not only do we provide interventions in Arizona and throughout the southwest, we work nationally to perform interventions with families, executives, friends, colleagues, adults, and young adults.

how much does an intervention cost?

No two interventions are the same. And while cost is an important consideration when contemplating an intervention for your loved one, there is no one answer for all situations. Factors that play a role in determining the cost of your intervention include length of the preparation phase, the training of family/friends participating, the location, communication with the treatment facility, and the length of the intervention itself. Upon understanding the specific needs of your loved one, we will be better able to fully discuss costs and payment options.

successful interventions through love, care, and concern

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Intervention is the starting point for change. Intervention Services of Arizona offers a proven plan for helping
your addicted loved one choose treatment, and a solution for healing the associated anger, betrayal,
and division that has been ripping your family apart.

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