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what is an intervention

An intervention is a well-planned, structured, highly personalized process where family, friends, or co-workers come together to break through the denial of someone who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, an eating disorder or any compulsive behavioral problems. This is accomplished in an environment that maintains the self-respect of the suffering individual, while avoiding old patterns of resentment, shame, or blame.

We offer a complementary consultation to see if intervention is right for your loved one. We will then guide you in creating a plan of action. Consultations can take place by phone or in person, and can include several family members, friends, and colleagues.

Every intervention provided by ISA - Intervention and Recovery Specialists is unique. No two interventions are identical. They are customized to meet the needs of your loved one. However, our goal for every intervention we facilitate is the same: Using love, care and concern, we guide the family, manage the circumstances, and help the individual make his or her own, personal choice to reach out for recovery.

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Our intervention services also include choosing the right treatment center, matching treatment options to family finances, making travel arrangements, preparing the family for each stage of the intervention, and conducting the intervention. We will continue to work with your family while your loved one is in treatment and recommend a course of action if the addict is having difficulty, including the development of a relapse plan.


types of interventions

family interventions

Family members of individuals suffering from addictions or compulsive behaviors are typically tired, angry, frustrated, unsure, confused and afraid. It is hard to admit that the loved one’s broken promises and abuse has taken a toll on the family, making them all victims of the harmful and destructive cycle of addiction. One by one, they have been hurt and used in attempts to offer their addicted loved one “just one more chance.”

Is your family ready to come together to create a plan to help your loved one accept professional help by entering a treatment facility or program?

A Family Intervention brings family members together with the strength, love, care and concern necessary to break the cycle of denial. It allows you to help your loved one even if he or she does not want help. Family members and friends who are important to the addicted individual unite to give their loved one an opportunity to hear just how much they mean to those around them, and how their addiction is affecting each member of the group. The group setting, coupled with the fact that the individual is not expecting the intervention (and therefore has no highly effective set of objections) can be extremely effective in persuading the addict to enter a recovery program.

adolescent intervention

As worried, frightened parents of a young person with an alcohol or drug problem, eating disorder or other compulsive behavior, you have most likely already tried reasoning, grounding, setting stringent curfews, counseling, church, and maybe you have even experienced dealings with the police. Despite all of your efforts, your adolescent seems more out of control than ever. Withdrawing from old friends, poor grades or absenteeism from school, lies, missing money and valuables, a sudden interest in belonging with the "wrong crowd" - sound familiar? Can anything be done to stop your child from self-destructing? YES!

Our interventions for troubled teens and young adults focus on the unique cognitive changes, developmental stages, and peer and family issues that typically occur during adolescence. Taking an empathetic, non-judgmental role, we offer adolescent interventions focused on listening and helping your teen take that first step in accepting personal responsibility for themselves.

If there is a teen or young adult in your family who is headed for trouble, or already in crisis, please call our office and speak to one of our experts who understands teen addiction, family dynamics, and recovery. We are ready to help your family reclaim a safe, sane, and loving environment right now.

intervention for adolescents

executive interventions

High rates of absenteeism, tardiness, poor productivity, long lunch hours, careless appearance, or expensive mistakes can often be signals that a coworker is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. In many instances, these addicts are friends and valued employees who have a long and productive work history with your business or company.

Is there anything that can be done to help a co-worker? Yes! An Executive Intervention can be a very compassionate, productive, and cost effective solution to retain the valued employee, and more importantly, guide the person to recovery. Alcohol and drug interventions orchestrated in the business environment are very successful. The Executive Intervention must be conducted in a careful, confidential, and professional manner.

ISA - Intervention and Recovery Specialists has highly qualified and experienced drug and alcohol interventionists who are skilled at working with substance abuse in the workplace. If you suspect that a valued employee in your company has a problem and you would like to discuss how we can help, call us today. The call and the assessment are complimentary.

intervention for executives

what an intervention is not

Intervention is not therapy. An intervention has one goal: To help your addicted loved one agree to enter a recommended treatment program so he or she can begin the recovery process.

This means that the intervention is not the appropriate time to list all the hurts each person has suffered. It is not the time to figure out the “why” of an addiction. It is also not the place to try to get the addict to make long-term promises about quitting. If you are like most families, you have already tried these things, and have failed.


successful interventions through love, care, and concern

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Intervention is the starting point for change. Intervention Services of Arizona offers a proven plan for helping
your addicted loved one choose treatment, and a solution for healing the associated anger, betrayal,
and division that has been ripping your family apart.

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