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intervention services of arizona - guiding the family with compassion, managing the circumstances through experience, helping the addict / alcoholic reach out for recovery.
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Individuals who have broken free from the destructive cycle of addiction, their family members who love them, as well as professionals at treatment facilities around the nation have shared the following thoughts about ISA - Intervention and Recovery Specialists.

"Our family is whole again thanks to Dr. Julian Pickens and ISA - Intervention and Recovery Specialists. Julian brought us hope and loving guidance in handling the family intervention for our son Kevin, who had struggled for a decade with alcohol and cocaine abuse. Julian gave us the strength and the tools that lead to a successful intervention and within an hour we were in the car taking our son to an out-of-state rehabilitation center. The center was one that Julian recommended and knew was the right one to work with our son's addictions. Most importantly, Julian presented a loving, fatherly attitude that gave Kevin the confidence to trust what was being asked of him. Kevin's life is on a new path and he is happy and loving sobriety. Julian, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you and may God Bless your work and those who wll be touched by your gifts."

Karen K

Remuda Ranch provides intensive inpatient and residential programs for women and girls suffering from eating disorders and related issues. Our Christian programs offer hope and healing to patients of all faiths.

Remuda Ranch

"Jerry, what a blessing you are. I really do believe you were sincere in wanting to help us, and it showed in the way you handled this difficult situation. It felt like you were part of our family as you guided us through the intervention. You were so careful to consider everyone's most intimate feelings for our daughter and gave us the freedom to express them without fear or embarrassment. It seemed, while uncomfortable at times, the most natural and right thing to do. The outpouring of love from each family member and friend not only brought about the desired effect on our daughter, but made each of our family members and friends taking part, share such a warm appreciation and love for each other. This intervention will transform not only our daughter's life, but all of our lives forever. We will be eternally grateful to you, and hope that you and your family are all blessed with all the best things life has to offer."

Mary Ann

Cottonwood de Tucson highly recommends ISA - Intervention Services of Arizona. Over the years, I have not hesitated to refer individuals and families to the professionals of ISA. From the very first contact, you can be assured your needs will be handled with care, compassion and a thorough understanding of the problems you present. ISA is a trusted resource!"

Ronald B. Welch
Cottonwood de Tucson

Cottonwood de Tucson

"At the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence a large part of our Mission is Community Information and Referral. We get a lot of calls from people that have no idea what the next step is for a loved one or friend that is an addict in denial or does not want to give up the addiction. We are confident in giving Juian's number to these people. Knowing the commitment and professionalism of Julian Pickens, we know he will give the best advice to each individual. His reputation is impeccable and his service to the community is genuine and generous and we are grateful to have a professional with these qualifications to send people to."

Sally Lara
Executive Director
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

"I have known Dr. Julian Pickens both personally and professionally for more than twenty years. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the treatment of individuals and their families who are afflicted with or affected by addictcive disorders. I have known him to be highly principled, ethical and trustworthy. He is one of the most experienced interventionists in the country. We have treated many of his referrals at Chandler Valley Hope and he has always followed up with the patient and the family in a very conscientious manner. I would make use of his services myself if I ever had the need.

Roger W. Nelson, M.S., L.I.S.A.C.
Program Director
Chandler Valley Hope

Chandler Valley Hope


Your intervention was powerful on so many levels for our family. It further united us in our love for our child and for each other. It helped us deal with ambivalence and judgment and it helped us come out of the closet regarding “the truth” of what we have been through with our child over the last few years. Your calm and knowing presence saved us from some terrible missteps. You save lives. You heal families. You teach others. What a worthy path to walk. With profound respect,


"I have had the pleasure of working with Julian for almost six years. His name is associated with such terms as 'professionalism, consistency, collegial and wise.' As Intake Manager, if Julian determines Sierra Tucson is appropriate for a prospective patient, I can trust his judgement. Julian is a gift to families, prospective patients and the recovery community. I look forward to many more years of working with him."

Gina Ewing
Intake Manager
Sierra Tucson

Sierra Tucson

"Hi Jerry! I can't put into words my gratitude for you and all of your help in setting my sister on the path to wellness, happiness and recovery. Yesterday went better than I ever imagined it could have, and I will forever be thankful for the incredibly important part you played in making it happen. Not only did you educate all of us on the process and give us all the direction we needed to do it in the best possible way, but you made it as comfortable as possible for my dad, who had been the most hesitant and unsure of the whole thing. With every fiber of my being, THANK YOU for being so wonderful to us and to my sister! There have been just a few people throughout my life who I have considered to be angels hanging out on Earth, and you are one of them. I thanked God all the way home for putting you in my path. My family has already rapidly begun to heal since this weekend's events. Thank you so much, forever and always. All my love and gratitude."



"In the last five years that I've worked with Julian Pickens, I've experienced nothing but professionalism, compassion for the client and families, and an expertise in his services. I enjoy working with Julian because he's easy to work with and has the skill to know what treatment is best for your loved one. I trust Julian and would send my family to him. Sierra Tucson and Julian Pickens work well together because we share the same compassionate care and clinical excellence that any family member deserves."

Lisa Jane Vargas
Clinical Outreach Coordinator
Sierra Tucson

Sierra Tucson

"Sometimes in life we need someone to lead us to a path we cannot see for ourselves. To me, this is what an intervention is all about.

My children, wth the help of a professional interventionist, Dr. Julian Pickens, confronted me about an alcoholic relapse. I was overwhelmed with love, honesty, and their deep concern about my future. That day, with a great deal of fear, I entered a treatment center specializing in dual occurring disorders. Within three days, I knew it was the best decision of my life. The support and professional help was outstanding. I left wth lifelong tools for my addiction to alcohol and battle with depression.

Today my life has truly changed. I am focused daily on taking care of myself. My relationship with my famiy is better than it has been in years. Sobriety means living one day at a time with the help of my higher power. It also means going to support groups, having a sponsor, and keeping in touch with recovering people. I also have tools to deal with depression along with medical care. I am busy, happy, and full of gratitude. I hope others will be fortunate enough to experience the joy I feel today."

Carol L.

Betty Ford Center

"Calvary Addiction Recovery Center is an affordable faith-based residential treatment center for substance abuse and problem gambling. Please visit for more information."

Calvary Addiction Recovery Center

"There are a number of interventionists in the country and we have found that ISA - Intervention Services of Arizona is both ethical and professional. We believe Dr. Julian Pickens and Dr. Jerry Law - as well as the other staff members - offer families and their loved ones the rare combination of experience, commitment and dedication. Although CeDAR has only been open for three years, several staff have had the opportunity to work with Julian in various capacities for over 15 years and we know we can trust his judgment and knowledge of addictive disorders …we consider it a privilege to give out the name of Intervention Services of Arizona to families who want help with and for their loved one. "

Franklin Lisnow, Med, MAC
Executive Director
CeDAR (Center for Dependency, Addiction Rehabilitation)
University of Colorado Hospital

CeDAR Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation


successful interventions through love, care, and concern

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Intervention is the starting point for change. Intervention Services of Arizona offers a proven plan for helping
your addicted loved one choose treatment, and a solution for healing the associated anger, betrayal,
and division that has been ripping your family apart.

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